5 Creative Ideas For Your College Farewell

5 Creative Ideas For Your College Farewell

While it might be hard to say goodbye to your childhood home, it’s important not to forget how much you grew and learned while you were there. As college graduation nears, what better way to let go of the past than by celebrating it! Here are five creative ideas for your college farewell.

Send a message

One way to say goodbye to college is by sending a message to your friends and family. You can write a heartfelt letter, or make a video or photo message.

You can also create an online gift registry, or send cards from your favorite store. Whether you choose to write or send the gift, it will be sure to make your classmates feel special during this important time in their lives.

Surprise your family and friends

One great way to celebrate your college graduation is by surprising your family and friends with a trip to see you graduate. You can choose to fly out or drive down, whichever is more convenient for you. Make sure to book your flights and hotel room well in advance so that you have enough time to plan the surprise.

Another great way to celebrate your college graduation is by hosting a party. You can invite all of your friends and family, or just a few select people. This is a great way to let everyone know how much you appreciate their support over the years. Plan the party beforehand and make sure to have plenty of food, drinks, and decorations on hand. Whatever celebration you choose, make sure it’s memorable and special!

Create a book of memories

One way to remember your time at college is to create a book of memories. This can be a compilation of all the great memories you’ve made while attending school. You could also write about your favorite classes, the best friends you’ve made, and the unique experiences you’ve had.

Another idea is to create a scrapbook of your time at college. This could include pictures, letters, and memories from everyone who has played a part in your time there. It’s also a great way to document all the amazing milestones you’ll have reached during your college years. Whatever you choose to do, make sure that it’s something that will remind you of all the great times you’ve had at college.

Tell A Story About Your College Experience

One of the best ways to celebrate finishing college is by telling a story about your time at school. This can be a fun way to commemorate your time at college and make friends who will stay in touch after you graduate.

Here’s an example of a story that I wrote about my time at Northeastern University. I graduated with a degree in Journalism and minored in Creative Writing, so storytelling was always something that I was good at. My first job out of college was as an intern at a small newspaper in Boston. The editor there hired me full time and gave me the opportunity to start writing features for the paper. I soon became one of the lead writers, which allowed me to develop my skills as a journalist.

After two years working at the paper, I moved on to a bigger city and started my own freelance writing business. I worked as a freelance writer for several years before landing my current position as a news reporter for a local television station. In my role as news reporter, I cover all sorts of stories, from breaking news to feature stories.

Create an art project for the campus

One creative idea that you can use to say goodbye to college is to create an art project. This could be something as simple as painting a mural or making a sculpture. You could also create a more complex project, such as designing and building a model of the school or writing and creating a short story about your time at college.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure that it is something that you are passionate about and that reflects your personal experiences at college. By doing something creative, you will be able to reflect on your time at college and cherish all of the memories that you made while there.


It’s that time of year again- you’re graduating from high school and soon, you’ll be leaving your childhood home for the first time. Now is a great time to reflect on all that has happened in the past four years and make sure to take advantage of all the experiences your education has provided. Here are some creative ideas for your college farewell party!

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